We are the church without walls.



"Gathering together individuals from all walks of life in order to develop, cultivate, nurture and establish them as exceptional leaders in the "body" of Christ; while simultaneously executing the Great Commission charged by Christ in Matthew 28:16-20."

What does this look like practically? The same way it looks scripturally, just ordinary people, coming together in unity, to do Kingdom Work, as the Holy Spirit leads.

Our plan is God's plan.

All we've done is allow the Holy Spirit to teach us the "unforced rhythms of Grace."  We try our best to allow Love, (Christ), to lead the entire way; rewriting our lives, to become the instruments of glory He always intended for us to be, wherever, and with whomever.



We feel at The Lion's Remnant, like Christ has given us goals that are in alignment with what His desires are for all of humanity.

We just take these individual commands and apply them corporately, connected by one Spirit, with one process, with ultimately one goal, to be a voice to the world heralding the love of Jesus! 

Love God

How can we love the world if we first haven't learned to love God? We've learned to love God just as the scriptures say, by keeping His commandments. Our obedience has resulted in lives being changed and souls being found by simply choosing obedience.

Love others

Alongside loving God, Jesus gave us an equally important command, to love others in the same way that we love ourselves. We know what it's like to love ourselves too much, it's why we know we needed Jesus. We made messes of our lives, but we've learned that by loving someone the same way we love ourselves we can provide hope where there was none.

Nurture disciples

Discipleship isn't just having interns and assistants that shadow your every move. We believe that discipleship is doing life with one another. Where, to both of you, there's something to be learned from the other person. There is no hierarchy, only peers, holding one another accountable, and challenging one another into deeper intimacy in our relationships with Christ.

Share the good news

When you have good news, don't you just want to tell everyone? That's how we feel at the Remnant. We know that instead of giving us what we deserved, death, Christ chose to give us what we needed, love. Who doesn't want to be loved for exactly who they are, and shown the truth? We rejoice when the truth wins out.  Which is why we feel compelled to not only fellowship among ourselves, but as the Spirit leads, we fellowship with others who don't yet know about Christ. Where and how this happens is left up to Jesus.


 “It's simple, follow the Way, and allow Him to transform you into who He always intended for you to be.”

Darrion Skinner  |  Co-Founder



Why was the Lion's Remnant founded?

The story begins with Christ, who called Darrion out of his selfish existence, and into partnership with Him.

Darrion came to Christ at the end of 2014. During his first couple of months in the faith, Darrion began to see and feel that what he was reading in the Bible wasn't on display anywhere around him. He searched for others, that at least rose to the standard Christ had set, but kept finding compromised doctrines. Internally, this disturbed him and for a season all he did was complain and judge others for not taking the scriptures as seriously as he did.

One day during his usual complaining, while he was talking with his wife, Darrion felt the Lord say to him, "Why don't you be the solution, instead of talking bad about everyone else? Why don't you be the change you desire to see? I've enabled you!"
"Wait, what?" replied, Darrion.

Initially we felt ill prepared, for two reasons.

For one Darrion wasn't working when the Lord told him this, Brianna was in nursing school, and Joseph hadn't even arrived on the scene! Number two, the initial word Darrion heard from the Holy Spirit, went from being a suggestion, to a command.

So as an act of obedience, Darrion and Brianna formed the Lion's Remnant, with the intent of having just a small circle of friends who, in the way they lived, showed how much they loved Jesus, not just in "good deed."

We acknowledge and love you all: Joane, David & Laurie, Karena, Jazmine D, Jazmine B, Chris Roberts, Yolando, Najee, Joseph, Michael, Jonathan, and Myesha.

That's where our story began, and it's still being written to this day...


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